Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Here are some common questions that I am often asked and here are the answers that I usually have. excuse my poor sense of humor.

What cars/bikes do you have? fix I've got a: еxpedite 1967 Lambretta

benzac costo measure 196? VW (project little Bastard)

track 1979 VW golf(4 door 1.5diesel) A.K.A. smokey the rabbit

1985 Mercedes W123 300TD

1991 BMW E30

1987 BMW E30

Is this for sale?

If I haven't mentioned it's for sale it probably isn't. This question has been asked so often that it often offends owners, next time ask a broker/dealer to help you find the car you'd like.

Can you find me a Beetle in Goa?

No I cannot.

How do you get to see these all these cars?

I have no idea, it just happened, maybe it's a combination of being helpful, my dark sense of humor and my uncomfortable smile.

Why don't you get a new car?

I'd have nothing to write about and we wouldn't be having this conversation if I did. Life would be boring.

Where is this/Who is the owner?

For the privacy of the owners I often avoid mentioning the full names of the owners  and the locations of vehicles. I'd rather be vague about the details as there are often people who use this information to pester owners and I would not want to be held responsible for that.

Is this even legal?

Are you a cop?

using a classic in certain cities, Illegal.

changing an engine, Illegal.

changing anything on a car, technically Illegal.

Just enjoy the content instead.