Hidden Treasures: ’73 Mustang

The first gen Mustang is one of the most common hero cars on the big screen. It was introduced more than 50 years ago, creating its own class of cars known as ‘pony cars’. Pony cars were compact American sports cars which were also affordable and built for the masses. Although they are very common in the US, Mustangs are very few in number here in India making them one of the most desirable American cars to have.

Mustangs always had various engine, performance and styling options but thanks to fewer limitations with respect to engine restrictions due to lenient emission norms and lower fuel prices, the first gen Mustang had some insane engine options. You could even get a 7L V8 and be a BOSS! The car was developed in a very short span of time, just 18 months and to cut costs it shared parts with the Ford Falcon. It was made to appeal to young men as well as women drivers.

The first gen Mustang evolved over the years and its final revision was this, the 1971-1973 model. Its body was widened to accommodate a larger 7.0L engine without having to alter the suspension and also to accommodate more interior space, this was Fords last attempt to save the sales figures of the Mustang.

All their efforts went in vain, sales kept dropping as people were looking for more economic vehicles instead. Sadly, they had to water down the Mustang to keep up with the demand for smaller, more fuel efficient cars and in 1974 they began producing 4 cyl models based on the Ford Pinto. In other words, this was the last REAL Mustang.

This Mustang is fitted with a set of Magnum 500’s. They are an iconic choice for Ford and Mopar muscle cars from the late 60’s and early 70’s. This design was similar to the Rostyle design that was commonly used on British cars from the same era but had a 5 spoke design instead of 4 spokes in the case of Rostyles. Replacing the steel wheels with these wheels completely transformed the car.

This was one of the earliest cars Allan has worked on from the collection. The car was in a decent state when it was procured and luckily didn’t require any major work but receive a gorgeous paint job which gives this Mustang a pearl like finish in person.

The Mustangs between ’71 and ’73 can be identified by the grill, shape of the bumpers and the positon of the fog lights, vertically placed being later models.


After it’s hibernation period the pony car needed to stretch its legs again and the engine received an overhaul and the full Allanrestorations treatment. With a new set of wheels, paint job, interior and soft top, the car looked factory fresh again and has looked like that for the past 10 years.

This was its new lease on life and now the Mustang sits in the stable, waiting for those days she gets to run wild and free.

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