Hidden Treasures: A Handful of Fiats

how to get gabapentin online Fiats are another highly collectable marque. Here are a few from Viveck Goenka’s collection.

1955 Millicento

http://sandsfoot.com/blog/2014/11/20/scale-websites-azure-auto-scale/ These were the early small family cars of the time. They had 4 doors compared to the 500 series and had a unibody construction.

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1957 Elegant

The 1957 models had new grilles and a little light in the center of it

1957 Elegant

This Millicento is a Sassy Spoon promotional vehicle. It looks quite sweet! Check out the custom interior inside.

1960 Select

These went back to the round indicators, a simpler grille and more modern tail lights


1960 De Luxe model

These had some extra trim to distinguish them from the lower end models.

here’s a little guide to the nomenclature of the 1100 (Thank you Karl Bhote!):
1954-1956 Millicento
1956-1957 Elegant
1958-1962 Select
1962-1964 Super Select
1965-1972 Delight
1972-1974 President
1975-1997 Padmini

1938 Topolino

Fiat 500’s or Topolino’s were the first of the small city cars, infact the Topolino was the smallest car when it was first produced. Here is an early example, these were known as the Model A’s.

1950 Topolino

These were known as the Model C and were the major facelift of the model.

1962 Fiat 600

These were introduced as a larger version of the Fiat Topolino. This was a completely redesigned model that served as a platform for the later Nuova Fiat 500.

1971 Nuova Fiat 500

These tiny city cars are what we think of now when we hear the words “Fiat 500”

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  1. Feast to my eyes.
    The place looks so refreshing to me .
    I would love to work for this cars for the rest of my life .
    Any vacancies VIVEK SIR ?😃

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