Hidden Treasures: The VW’s

Fildena extra power 150 reviews Aircooled VW’s are among the most collectable classic cars around. The Beetle may be the most common car in the world but their desirability keeps increasing and so do their prices which have sky rocketed over the past few years.

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1969 Thing(type 181)

retin a cream priceline There are various types of air cooled VW’s from camper vans to the sporty Karmann Ghia’s, there are even 2 door wagons but when you put a few of those together you get this THING! The type 181 or the ‘thing’ as the Americans call, was sold in many markets. It was initially developed by the Germans as a military vehicle called the Kübelwagen but was later adapted for the civilian market.

To reduce production costs VW borrowed bits from various other models they produced. It used a wider floor pan from the Ghia, suspension bits from the van and other bits from the Beetle. An Interesting observation is that all consumer air-cooled VWs had the same wheelbase, they mastered the art of mass production and cost reduction like nobody else by sharing as many parts as possible.

1956 Oval window Beetle

The early split window and oval window Beetles are among the most desirable from the VW family. This ’57 Beetle was restored back to factory spec. One of the most beautiful parts of the early Beetles are the dashboards. All Beetles may ‘look the same’ but no two years were completely identical.

1960 Beetle

This is one is the more used Beetles in the collection, with its 1600 twin port engine it packs a punch unlike the smaller ones.  With the added power and AC system its more practical for daily use

The wheels were custom made in house by a casting specialist who came and made a few different sets of wheels. This 8 spoke design is similar to the European Minilites and the Japanese Watanabes which were a popular design in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s on small sporty cars.

1966 Convertible Beetle

This convertible beetle has more of a custom look to it. It’s an original convertible unlike many chop tops around.

These turbine style wheels are commonly used on American muscle cars(Dukes of Hazzard anyone?). Placed on this Beetle, they give it that hotrod look.

These VW vans were restored to a 100% but since they’re often on the road and run around 50-100km per day when doing promotions, Allan swapped their original parts for similar parts in case of theft or damage.

1962 T2 bus

T1 bus

The T1 or split window VW vans are among the most desirable VWs today, especially the samba bus’. These bus’ have 8 glasses on the curved edge on the sides of the roof.

1968 T1 hightop

This hightop bus is rumoured to have been one of the VW vans belonging to mother Theresa’s charity. This one may have been the mobile dispensary.

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