Hidden Treasures: V12 E-type Jaguar

The E-type Jaguar has to be one of the most beautiful cars ever built, it’s not like the loud 80s European sports cars which scream for your attention, these are easy on the eyes and ask politely for what they want.
The E-type was introduced in 1961 and was revolutionary for it’s time as well as (comparatively) affordable. It was faster than it’s competition but far cheaper. £2300 was all you needed to buy one back in the day and that would satisfy your need for a sports car for the roads. It was the beginning of aerodynamics being used to design cars,  it was designed to cut through the air and look good while doing so. There were 3 facelifts and many changes in between. It started off as a 3.8Lit I6 engine till later on it finally evolved into this very model. The 5.3Lit V12, the third and final iteration which we can see here.
Every angle told you it was a V12. The V12 can be externally identified by it’s grill in the front that has more horizontal slates. It was only available in the LWB version. In the rear is where those V12 exhaust ports end, where they unite into 4 distinct exhaust tips, and just in case you missed all that there’s the obvious ‘V12’ badge on it’s back as well.
E-type Jag’s commonly sport wire spoke wheels. They use wire spokes to connect the rim to the hub. Earlier this concept was only used for bicycles as they couldn’t support such high forces. After tweaking the design and mounting the spokes tangentially they were able to be used on motorcycles and cars with great success.
This was thee ‘British sports car’ and still remains the first car that comes to mind when you hear those words, a close second would be the Spitfire. These cars looked so sofisticated, you could picture their owners of the time sipping tea while they played Polo, talking about beating a Ferrari in a race while the poor little E-type just wanted to stretch her legs on the open country roads. Well at least that’s what her eyes were telling me.

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