Hidden Treasures:The Land Rovers

http://conquercoaching.ca/diflucan Here are a few images of Land Rovers scattered around this collection. Apart from a couple of Land Rovers here, this collection holds the largest number of Land Rovers in India. With over 30 Land Rovers, these are just a handful of them.


retin-a walmart price Series 1. The easiest way to identify the series is from the grill and headlight position. Series 1’s have their headlights in the middle. The earliest models have them behind the grill.

The series 3 has its headlights on the fenders unlike the series 1&2, the grill doesn’t have the mesh like look that the series 2 does.

Then we have these Defenders, each one looking unique with a different level of customization.

And last but not least, these early Range Rover Classics.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures:The Land Rovers

  1. Wow ! Never knew about this LR collection.. btw I can see a 2 door American muscle car, is that Camaro? And which one besides it? Gives Kingsway station wagon feel

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