The Kundanmal Service Station: The Service Station

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The service station:

Rishad who runs the service station with his father showed us around. He had been running this place since 1995.
Rishad’s passion for cars grew after his  first restoration. This happened at the young age of 7 when he found his father’s first car, the old Austin 8 which he had found lying in a corner rusting out. This was purchased by his father around the 60’s for Rs.2100. He was very upset when it split in half after a worker had jumped into it. Rishad spent his entire vacation and restored it in 1982 . The car still stands without a single restoration in between.
 As we walked up the ramp the first thing we could see was a 1964 Impala on a lift. I casually asked if it was in for a restoration, he said no, just a suspension overhaul.
For me a suspension overhaul meant, shocks, springs and bushes but as I peeked underneath I saw something else. It looked brand new, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Far more was replaced.
I went on to look at the other ongoing projects noticing how the buildings surrounded the workshop. It’s like this was one of the few old little buildings left in the area. It was a contrast of old vs new.
This ’61 impala was in for it’s mechanicals and chassis to be re-restored. It’s not often that you see the body and chassis separated.
Some of the tinsmiths were working on this beauty, a 1928 boat-tail speedster. It’s a modified version meant for racing but had some incomplete work done on it and was now getting a proper restoration. A few cars had come in after being worked on by someone else, the owners may have wanted a more experienced hand to fix some of the flaws.
As we went into the office we were greeted by 2 vintage cars, a Ford and an Austin . I did notice the old posters on the walls, popular in the 90s, it reminded me of the purple Lamborghini poster I used to have when I was smaller. Not just that, as you went further in, into the cabin, the place had the vibe of a man cave. From the machine inspired desk to the display of scale models and memorabilia, it had the stuff you loved but couldn’t keep on display at your house.

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