VolksWeekend 2017: The beginning

Less than a year back Jeevan decided to start “Folks India”, a group that helps each other with their classic VWs in India. Since then there were many changes including the addition of moderators and permitting early water-cooled V-dubs.

As time passed many group members got closer and although they never met they were people you’d speak to on a daily basis. One day Jeevan and I joked around about the idea of having a mega meet in Goa, people could drive in and we could have a nice gathering. After a few days Jeevan decides to test the waters and see if anyone would be interested.

At this point I didn’t except much, a couple of guys driving to Goa, no big deal. To my surprise, a few guys immediately decided to join in. Within a week we(the moderators of the group) had support from a few members, a couple of sponsors and over 35 entries!  Within 4 weeks we all managed to put things together.

The first day was nerve wracking. We hoped for the best.

As we continued to get ready, cars began to trickle in and we saw some of those friendly faces for the first time.

Unlike the usual car shows, this was a meet, it was all about the owners and their cars, meeting each other and perhaps sharing a few drinks too.

By the beginning of the second day, nearly everyone was already at Ryan’s guest house in Anjuna, the rest were nearby and slowly gathering for the days events

It took some time but we eventually left for Morjim

This time I had some help with the cameras so there were plenty of pictures to capture the moments.

The view was lovely and the drive back was pleasant as well(will work on a better route next time, no stops)

By the end of the second day, everyone was closer and most were out of their shells, we even celebrated the 50 year production anniversary of one of the cars!

On the third and final day everyone got up a bit later, expected after an eventful night. We eventually got all the bugs out of bed and headed out to Emerald lawns in Parra.

The farewell was long and no one seemed to want it to end. but to top it all off, they went home with lovely memories and a bit of impatience as they waited for the coming year.

A few more blog posts will follow about a few individual cars. Smokey was the mule and did whatever work she was given with no (mojor) failures


A special thanks to the following people:


“A special thanks to Deepak for sponsoring most of the event, he owns a company called Naushera Racing that will soon bring standardized F1 cars to India. We’re glad GSR introduced us to him.

Thanks to Ryan and his brother Keith we had a place to call home for those 3 days.

Zozi was constantly on the ground, hooking us up with the secondary venues (emerald lawns and Montego Bay) and making sure we had some drinks to keep us cool on the drives.

Pradeep Naik helped us get the alcohol, those cold beers were the perfect lubricant for our social gatherings.

Byas got VW in touch with us and got us a few goodies, Avelar also pulled out a few from his own stash of souvenirs. The rest were sponsored by Naushera Racing and mostly made by Suraj and Roop. Ravi(Herbie) also helped get the beautiful buttons done.

We also had a very soulful band that was sponsored by Navin (yellow Ghia) thank you so much, it really set the mood.

The mods and a few others helped pull in all the guys. Anoop, Gaurav and Jasvinder really got things going in Bombay.

Vinod drove in all the way from Coimbatore, he really gave everyone the confidence to come next year with their cars.

All you guys who didn’t get your Vdubs, you’ve got another year, let’s get those cars ready!

Thanks to Franky we had guards to watch over the cars so that we wouldn’t have to worry and could enjoy.

Manu, the Reynolds,  Saul and Jyot for providing the additional images and helping out with the photography

And last but not least, Jeevan for starting the group that led to this event.”

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